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St James' CE

Junior School

Care, Share & Respect

Class 3S - Mr Suligowski


Harvest Music Video 🎵 🎥

Still image for this video
3S hosted and performed this year’s Harvest Celebrations.
As well as explaining why Christians celebrate Harvest and writing prayers they performed a dance.

Amazing Pattern Repetition Art 🖼

Full marks!

9/9 in spellings

Design and Technology Day - Constructing Castles

Homework 📚 

Maths homework we are focusing on single digit addition. As a class, we discussed the importance of knowing your single digit additions. Whilst many of us can work them out this creates another step to find your answers when we use new methods of maths using larger numbers. Your task this week is to practise your single digit additions. This means any number from 1-9 + any number from 1-9. 
e.g. 9 + 9 will be the biggest addition possible 


Once you have watched the video you can write down and make your own flashcards so you can practise.

Basic random addition for children.


Well done to our superstars this week.

Hello Yellow 👋 🥳⭐️🏵

It turns out, our Behaviour Bucks are too hot to handle! 🥵

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It’s like treasure only more valuable 💰💎💷🔵

Everyone wants to get their hands on our new Behaviour Bucks!

Behaviour Bucks!

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3S saw someone get the first Behaviour Buck of the year!



English Homework 📚 - Next week we are learning about adverts.
Your homework is to watch/find  different adverts on tv, YouTube,magazines, newspapers and games. 
Write down what the advert was about and If you thought it was good/fun.
You can write your notes down in the ‘Advert Thoughts’ document on Showbie.yes

Fantastic Work!

Maths! Some lovely work focusing on place value.

Feeling Hungry?

Why not try and make some Stone Age bread at home?

Rainbow gingerbread 😀

Fancy a challenge?

Why not have a go at something we played in English this week.


Human Base Ten!

Creating 3 digit numbers using human base ten.
Creating 3 digit numbers using human base ten.

Cross Country

Still image for this video
3S showed great determination yesterday and a fantastic team spirit.

Understanding Emotions

A lovely example of work in 3S. We were explaining when we would feel these emotions.

Place Value

Learning how to throw and catch with consistency.

Still image for this video

Learning about feelings!

Meet 3S!

Questions about the Stone Age